Includes 5⁄8" diameter anchor bolts.

Add to cart. Rude refined the basic design and built machinery to produce it at a reasonable cost, using a large aluminum extrusion for each board.

Acknowledged as one of the finest aluminum boards, the Duraflex is found at the leading competitive pools.

It has a torsion-box extrusion, an anchor angle, and tip end cap riveted to the basic section.

. Austin Blue Diving Boards ₹ 95,000/ Piece. SKU 40-340.


Get Quote. 23. Package is believed to include: 2- 16' Duraflex diving boards w/ SF 122 bolts/nuts D050150 and D050151 2- 400-5 1M stand with double guard rails on both sides 2- Concrete insert, anchoring stands in existing concrete; 12 per stand when stand is ordered; includes 4 more bolts and washers for extra ladder slots and 1.

Blue Swimming Pool Spring Board ₹ 95,000/ Piece. Fiber-Dive Diving Board Replacements.

They are a one-piece ribbed aluminum alloy, tapered from the fulcrum area to the diving tip and heat treated for a yield strength of 50,000psi.


The factory refinishing includes: Removing old finish including corrosion. Important: Read our cautionary advice.

If these two elements rub against each other, it can cause your diving board to crack. 04 The Duraflex Stainless Steel Diving Board Bolt and Nut are used to install any Duraflex Diving Board to any and all Duraflex Diving Stands.

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It shall constructed of a basic ribbed one piece extrusion, heat treated for min.

The 16' Maxiflex Model B (also called the Maxi-B) is the diving board that is used in all major competition diving events in the world.

Each board comes with the same warranty as original equipment. The Duraflex 14 foot diving board and bolt kit is used for recreational diving in commercial pools that conform to USA Diving, FINA or NCAA minimum dimensions. While we can quote the price and shipping for any diving board, prior to a final transaction and shipment.

Add both to cart. <span class=" fc-falcon">Two 16' Duraflex Diving Boards are not used. . Mega Fitness (A unit of Modcon Industries Pvt Ltd) Rohini, New Delhi. Duraflex tapered aluminum spring board is the best diving board ever produced, used exclusively at all. The founder, Raymond Rude, made an aluminum diving board in 1949 out of an aircraft wing panel.

If you have every watched an Olympic diving competition, you’ve seen Duraflex diving boards in action.

The Duraflex Board Cover also deters people from using. Boards come complete with new rubber channels and stainless steel hardware.

The board shall be coated in aqua.

Duraflex Instructional Videos; Trampoline Education Videos.

They conform to FINA and NCAA dimensional requirements.


The Duraflex tapered aluminum spring board is.