Though he is considered a musical prodigy, he did not have any formal training on the piano – or any other instrument, for that matter.


How many instruments could Stevie Wonder play? Wonder is skilled on the keyboard, bass, drums and harmonica. .

Many people didn't realize that there were no strings on the song.

This album and Music of My Mind, released earlier the same year, are generally considered to mark the start of Wonder's "classic period".

Copy. 10 according to the Stevie Wonder page on. Nov 18, 2021 · Additionally, he performed and spoke at the funeral for John Conyers, who he considered to be “a friend and a hero.


. 2," "I Was Made to Love Her" and "My Cherie Amour. Although originally from Saginaw, Michigan, he grew up in Detroit.

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You Are The Sunshine Of My Life.

. What type of harmonica does Stevie Wonder play? Stevie Wonder is an accomplished harmonica player and.

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Music of My Mind by Stevie Wonder (1972.

2," "I Was Made to Love Her" and "My Cherie Amour.

By the age of 5, young Stevie was already playing the harmonica. Draw a breath in through hole 4 on the harmonica. Listen to this clip.

This is mixed with a fluttering effect from his use of the tongue to achieve his trademark sound. . search. . Jnr Walker.

"Superstition" was intended for Jeff Beck, who was brought in to play some guitar parts on the album in.

How many instruments can Stevie Wonder play? Vocals, synthesizer, piano, harmonica, drums, bass guitar, congas, bongos, clavinet, melodica 10 according. 10.



The result was the Kurzweil 250, released in 1984 and described by CNBC as "widely considered the first computerized instrument that could realistically mimic the.

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